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www.rsm-es.com RSM is proud to bring you this issue of Enterprise Tech Journal DEC 2014-FEB 2015 Winter 2014/2015 EnterpriseSystemsMedia.com Ygr ation.e J O U R N A L THE MAGAZINE FOR IT TEcHNIcIANS IN THE WORLD’S LARGEST MuLTIpLATFORM ENTERpRISES Using the CloUd utility that automates the process ofbased data sets from one tape media to Competitively priced, flexible long ando r a No-Obligation FREE Trial, contact:tion.c om or visit www.fdr.com/fatscopyRS: Abusing the Cloud INSIDE ETJ News Enabling Simple and Rapid Mobile Connectivity to CICS Applications Smart Application Development for the Application Economy ISPF Edit: Basic Concepts of the ISPF Editor SMF: SMFPRMxx Intervals and Synchronization Building Your FATSCOPY JobPYRTX FYI Newsletter FATSCOPY CHANGE MARCH 2 -4, 2015 SEATTLE, WA An @fdr innovation.com • sales @fdr innovation.com • http:// www.fdr.comE 02 GERMANY 089-489-0210 NETHERLANDS 036-534-1660 COUNTRIES4-275 Paterson Ave., Little Falls, NJ 07424 • (973) 890-7300 • Fax: (973) 890-7147rt UNITED KINGDOM 0208-905-1266 NORDIC +31-36-534-1660 Enterprise Systems Media PublicationCH JOURNAL 8 X 10.75_ElecRGB.qxd

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