Enterprise Executive - 2017: Issue 2

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Bob Thomas 2017-04-12 02:19:28

From Legacy Modernization to Insider Threats Welcome to the latest edition of Enterprise Executive. I know you will find this issue to be both interesting and educational as we cover topics as diverse as mainframe data bottlenecks, Gen 6 Fibre Channel, ITOA, open source, Agile design and replication networks. To whet your appetite, here are several quotes from just a few of the terrific articles featured in this issue: “No company or industry is free from the risk of insider breaches, nor is the mainframe, a platform on which organizations run their most sensitive, mission-critical applications and data.”—Securing Your Mainframe Against the Rise of Insider Threats, by John Crossno (see page 14). “The bottlenecks to mainframe databases are caused by all the requests being funneled and queued through the mainframe applications.”—Eliminating Mainframe Data Bottlenecks, by Cal Braunstein (see page 42). “The biggest challenge to modernizing your enterprise is cost.”—Revisiting Legacy Modernization, by S. Michael Benson (see page 50). I hope you enjoy this issue of Enterprise Executive.

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