Enterprise Executive 2017: Issue 2 : B

Breaking New Ground… A New Storage Tier for Mainframe Tape Data Sets… Allowing you to Reduce Your Long-Term Tape Retention Costs. CLOUDVTB will protect your physical/virtual tape  les and dramatically reduce your cost by copying these  les to less expensive Private/Public Cloud tiers: Private Cloud (NFS Server) and/or Public Cloud. The volume of long-term data that needs to be maintained keeps growing, CLOUDVTB will allow you to Reduce Costs by moving the data to less costly storage tiers. Since CLOUDVTB creates the tape copy in a generic format, you can upload  les from older tape drives and later restore, if needed, to newer tape equipment; enabling you to eliminate the older hardware and the cost associated with managing it. CLOUDVTB  les can be maintained in multiple locations with a Cloud service provider to maximize recoverability and to meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). EMC DLm CLOUD IBM TS7700 Optica zVT Luminex MVT 3490/3590 Tape NFS Oracle T10000 Competitively Priced, FREE No-Obligation Trial: www.fdr.com/riskfreetrial Call: 973-890-7300, e-mail: sales@fdrinnovation.com or visit: www.fdr.com CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 275 Paterson Ave., Little Falls, NJ 07424 • (973) 890-7300 • Fax: (973) 890-7147 E-mail: support @ fdrinnovation.com • sales @ fdrinnovation.com • www.fdr.com EUROPEAN OFFICES: FRANCE 01-49-69-94-02 GERMANY 089-489-0210 NETHERLANDS 036-534-1660 UNITED KINGDOM 0208-905-1266 NORDIC COUNTRIES +31-36-534-1660

Innovation Data Processing

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