Enterprise Executive 2017: Issue 2 : Page 21

STOP wasting money on storage resources! Want SMS and HSM to work the way YOU desire? 21st Century Software’s Total Storage is your answer. Don’t rely on best guesses and assumptions! Total Storage delivers intelligent analysis of actual data usage to dynamically make SMS and HSM work in ways you never dreamed possible, while positioning you for HSM 2.1 or any tiering solution. See for yourself how multi-patented Total Storage automates all of the resource-intensive, manual processes involved with managing your storage. Total Storage ensures you are maximizing storage resources, while enabling you to make informed and accurate decisions. Contact us today to get a FREE Total Storage Health Check and see just how efficiently your storage is being managed. You could save thousands of dollars (and that is just the beginning). Whether it’s integrated storage management across the enterprise, recovery management, application recovery, allocation management or data migration, 21st Century Software has the solutions needed to improve your Data Stewardship. 940 West Valley Road Suite 1604 Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087 800.555.6845 www.21csw.com Leaders in Data Stewardship

21st Century Software

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