Enterprise Executive 2017: Issue 2 : Page 29

Will your z/OS jobs land safely? Smart /RESTART lets your applications restart from near the point of failure — after abends, recompiles, even system IPLs. Your applications can run restartably, often without source changes. Smart /RESTART guarantees that your program's sequential file and cursor position, working storage and VSAM updates stay in sync with changes to DB2, MQ, IMS and other RRS compliant resources. So you can restart fast with assured integrity. Smart/RESTART is a robust, reliable and proven solution used by Global 2000 organizations worldwide to run their mission-critical z/OS batch applications. It’s the standard for z/OS batch restart. Fully supports DB2 12 for z/OS R R estart made simple TM Download our White Paper “Beyond Restart and Concurrency: z/OS System Extensions for Restartable Batch Applications” (https://www.relarc.com/form/beyond_restart_and_concurrency) DB2, Websphere MQ and IMS are registered trademarks of IBM Corp. For a free trial visit www.relarc.com, or call +1 201 420 -0400 Relational Architects International

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