Enterprise Executive 2017: Issue 2 : Page 35

Attention DBAs: Don’t Be That Guy! Discover BCV5™ / XDM ™ Because Users Need Data Now Become a Hero to your users with Test Data Management tools from ESAi . Deliver data with ease in record time, get better quality and happier users. QA ,UAT and Test teams can refresh data anytime with the push of a button. No waiting until weekend or month-end for production quality test data. UNLOAD/LOAD has its place. However, customers who have replaced UNLOAD/LOAD jobs with BCV5™ have reduced their job run times, CPU usage and staff efforts by an average of 90%. BCV5™ is a very fast copy/refresh, migration, and cloning tool that c opies DB2 z/OS ® databases and/or tables with full RI and consistency. It has smart automation, structure handling and simple one-pass masking capabilities. BCV5 surpasses other TDM products and reduces DASD space needs for Unload/Load based processes. XDM™ is our full featured Test Data Management tool for distributed systems and mainframe including: DB2 LUW, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 z/OS, IMS, VSAM, et.al. It has copy, migration, cloning, full masking capabilities and test case selection (both within and across different sources). All of this in one easy to use interface. See our website for more mainframe & distributed solutions: ▪ Automated Test Data Management (BCV5 / XDM for DB2, Oracle, SQL Server) ▪ Fast DB2 Table Refresh/Migrate (BCV5) ▪ Cloning for various RDBMS’ (BCV4 / XDM) ▪ DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning/Monitor (BPA4DB2) ▪ DB2 Log Analysis and Auditing (ULT4DB2) ▪ SQL Performance ( SQLQC) ▪ CICS ® Performance APM (Inspect-CPU) ▪ zDynaCap ® SLA’s at lowest MLC cost Lower cost & improve quality with BCV5/XDM! Contact us to learn how. E-mail info@esaigroup.com to request actual customer benchmarks and ask for a FREE trial. Watch a Short Video on BCV5 and XDM. For more information : www.ESAIGroup.com Call (866) GO-4-ESAi All trademarks are of their respective owners


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