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The simplicity and efficiency of NVMe over Fibre Channel enables significant performance gains that take flash storage to new levels. impact a larger number of applications. Gen 6 Fibre Channel adds support for standards for the VM Insight (VMID) feature that enables VM-level fabric services and provides deeper integration of virtualized infrastructure with a SAN storage fabric. When the need arises to add more virtualized servers to an existing fabric, new servers can be paired with a Gen 6 Director and then added to an existing Gen 5 Fabric. As is the case with flash-based storage, having a high-performance storage network to support the virtualized infrastructure is key. By thus pairing a highly virtualized infrastructure with Gen 6 switches, application performance improves, resulting in a consolidated infrastructure while protecting existing and future investments in the storage infrastructure. Future-Proofing With Gen 6 FICON Directors to maximize their Brocade investments and optimize the performance of their networking infrastructures. The future is bright indeed for mainframe I/O connectivity; 32 Gbps Gen 6 Fibre Channel is highly synergistic with flash based storage, particularly All-Flash array (AFA) technology. Gen 6 Fibre Channel is “NVMe ready” and provides investment protection. At some point, IBM is likely to introduce further enhancements to FICON channels. Those enhancements are likely to be beneficial to flash-based storage implementations. Flash-based storage is the latest storage innovation for enterprise computing, and it provides remarkable performance benefits, with costs looking more attractive with every passing day. Gen 6 Fibre Channel and its technical benefits will help you realize the most “bang for the buck” with your investment in flash-based enterprise class storage. To take full advantage you’ll need the Gen 6 FICON connectivity. EE Steve Guendert, Ph.D., is z Systems technology director of Product Management for Brocade Communications, where he leads the mainframe-related business efforts. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and a member of the Computer Measurement Group (CMG). He is a former member of both the SHARE and CMG boards of directors. Email: stephen.guendert@brocade.com 2017: Issue 2 | E nt e rp r i s e E xe c u t i ve | 39 Conclusion Further protecting future investments, the Brocade Gen 6 FICON Director family will support future Fibre Channel generations as a Gen 7-ready storage networking platform. The Brocade X6 backplane is designed with more links, to accommodate a doubling and quadrupling of bandwidth in the future. This will enable platform reusability for Gen 7 Fibre Channel, enabling organizations

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