Enterprise Executive 2017: Issue 2 : Page 4

2 0 1 7 : i s s U E 2 Securing Your Mainframe Against the Rise of Insider Threats see page 14. racfGUI Password Reset racfGUI Password Reset RSM Self Service RSM RSM Self Service RSM Breakgla RSM Reporter RSM RSM exception Breakgla Reporter RSM exception 6 By Rob Sickorez Top Seven Data Science Quotes for 2017 co l u M n s 2 14 Securing Your Mainframe Against the By John Crossno Publisher’s Page Delightful UX and Agile Design In Mainframe Software By Chris Malin Rise of Insider Threats 12 Mainframe Perspective: The Need for 22 First Impression: Data Protector for By Denny Yost z Systems From Dell EMC 30 Big Data: Are We at the Beginning of an 24 ITOA and Mainframe: Why it Matters By Steven Menges 32 Business Benefits of Gen 6 Fibre Channel By Steve Guendert, Ph.D. External Data Gold Rush? By Jared Decker in 2017–18 40 Architect’s Corner: Open Source Does Not Mean Free Technology for z Systems by S. Michael Benson 48 Enterprise Networks: Improving By Steve Guendert, Ph.D. 42 Eliminating Mainframe Data Bottlenecks By Cal Braunstein 50 Revisiting Legacy Modernization By S. Michael Benson 4 | E nt e rp r i s e E xe c u t i ve | 2017: Issue 2 Availability and Performance In Distance Replication Networks

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