Enterprise Executive 2017: Issue 2 : Page 5

Password Reset racfGUI Password Reset zDetect Serverass zDetectnr Serverass RSM Security RSM RSM Self Service RSM RSM Self Service Reporter RSM RSM exception Server RSM RSM Security Breakglass Emergency RSM exception access control Reporter made easy zDetect Server RSM Security racfGUI Password Reset racfGUI RSM RSM Self Service RSM RSM Sophisticated algorithms RSM RSM Security detecting security zDetect threats in realtime racfGUI RSM Breakglass RSM Simplifying Help Desk RSM Self admin Service basic RACF RSM Password Reset RSM Breakglass zDe RSM exception RSM racfGUI Password Reset racfGUI racfGUI RSM Self Service Password Reset RSM Self Service zDetectnr RSM Self Service Easy approach to users Password Reset resetting their own passwords Password Reset RSM RSM Self Service World Class Breakglass zDetect racfGUI z System Reporter Server Security Password Reset Password Reset RSM RSM RSM RSM exception RSM Security RSM Self Service RSM RSM Self Service Reporter RSM Ser RSM Breakglass Reporter RSM RSM exception racfGUI zDe RSM Ser RSM Breakglass Breakglass RSM exception Reporter Reporter RSM RSM exception RSM RSM zDetect RSM RSM 80% reduction in security monitoring effort Server Server RSM RSM Security RSM Security racfGUI Password Reset RSM Self Service RSM Breakglass Reporter RSM exception zDetect Server RSM Security Reporter RSM exception Integrating the mainframe into enterprise security Server solutions RSM Security RSM’s Security Suite: a range of unique and useful tools, designed by RSM’s renowned security specialists. Addressing known gaps in the marketplace, these tools help you more easily manage security on your IBM mainframe platform. www.rsmpartners.com/securitysoftware

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